My Story

Being interested in almost everything isn’t always easy. But it makes for a fascinating life.

I could never decide on what I want to be doing until I met glass. As an autodidact I would learn “on the go” whatever crossed my path but quite often I’d look for something new to satisfy my hunger of learning new things.
Glass is one of the few things that never stops surprising me and there are always new ways to discover and new things to learn. I love most combining different techniques.


It all began with walking to a small stained glass art and supply shop in small town in Canada, Ontario on a Easter Monday to boldly tell the kind owner that I want to make a stained glass window for my bathroom myself. He told me to follow one of his courses that would start in the summer to which I replied that I’d like to know how to do it yesterday. Since there were no customers he show me how to show glass, sold me a glass cutter and some copper foil, gave me a pattern for glass angel and send me home to come back when I’m finished for some more advice. 

I was back the very next day … and that’s how it’s started…

The little butterflies was something I picked up from him … and still make them from time to time 



The shop was Glassworks Sault Ste. Marie and the owner Charlie Thomlinson. I still think of him kindly as he ignited my love of glass and got me enough of confidence so I could carry it on my own even after returning to Europe.


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