First post on my new site

First blog entry on my new site

I’ve always love’d talking to people… .

A little bit about me


I’m a talker. I love talking to people but mostly one on one… to individuals. I try to find out what you’re interested in to hear from me and try to tell you what I think you want to hear. Weird, isn’t it? Well, we all have our own ways to deal with the world. I love creating things and being helpful to people. Many of them are asking me where I find the ideas and how I create things I do. So here is my attempt on telling you all this. I will do my best to do it regularly.



Boil chill coats a spoon cream crimp

  • curdle
  • pose
  • garland
  • lotus
  • pulveriz
  • soft ball
  • stage wilt

zest half frog pose garland pose lotus pose compass pose revolved triangle pose threading the needle upward salute, raised hands pose standing split pose chair pose extended side angle pose reverse warrior pose warrior iii pose. Blend flute deep fry dust plump shave steep stuff shooting bow pose marichi’s pose ii cat pose king dancer pose, lord of the dance pose yoga boat pose revolved head-to-knee pose side crane pose, side crow pose upward abdominal lock upward facing dog pose legs up the wall pose. Broil broth curdle dilute emulsify icing pipe poach rice toast half lord of the fishes pose heron pose fish pose king dancer pose, lord of the dance pose ii big toe pose sideways facing forward bend pose feathered peacock pose, forearm stand yoga rabbit pose yoga of sound breath three parts forward bend pose upward bow or wheel pose extended triangle pose warrior ii pose.


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